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Friday, May 25, 2012

I just finished a commission to paint some rogers rangers pics below I used the new army painter paint from there new box set and I really like it if you want to start painting or add to your existing range you should pic up these box set.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ive post some new photos of the projects that I am working on below is some pics of my death company and sanguinary guard for my blood hawks and I started a page on some new minis from defiance games there first batch UAMC marines you get 24 in a box and there nice minis. There easy to paint I used citadel paints the new ones, first I base coated them black then painted on death world forest base paint then over that a dry brushing of elysian green layer,ogryn camo layer then a final dry brushing of urderhive ash dry when all that was dry then brushed on athonian camoshade shadeing and that gave them there uniform color for the weapons there painted black then dried brushed with ironbreaker layer paint there skin was painted with foundry flesh 5A,citadel agrax earthshade then foundry flesh 5B and black with highlight of citadel scorched brown. There visors are painted vallejo gold then washed with my home made dark red wash wen all was dried they were all cleared coat to protect the paint all together I painted all them up in 2 days they came out looking really nice
      Next week is drums along the maume in Perrysburg Ohio at fort meigs I will be running on Friday a civil war game the battle of Shiloh using Gettysburg solders rules and on Saturday I will be running a mega Napoleonic game using a variant of fire and fury I will be posting pictures of both of these battles next week so until then later.

Friday, May 4, 2012

 I have add some new pics of the Nan Chou army that I painted for a commission now I'am going to
start painting on my Blood Hawks picked up some death company will have pics up as soon as i get them done.