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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Saturday I ran a force on force Vietnam game a ARVN infantry platoon with American tanks and infantry support. Jim and I ran both sides playing out the game to so how it would play I will be running it at Battlefields next Saturday the 16. The game with the NVA retreating off the board after there 2 t-54s got hit hard from the cobras. The ARVN took 5 casulteis and most of the armeir got  tracked or nocked out, the moterpool will have a bussie day cleaning up after these battle. I've post some pictures from the battle just hit the pages tab with Vietnam on it to the right to go and see them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Saturday at my place I will be running a Force on Force Vietnam game. I will post some pics on the battle and pics of the battle. And post game comments. The battle field is lay ed out on 3 tables with the nva and vietcong deployed hidden with markers on the table,  so the Americans and arvn forces will have to spot them to engage them and see what they are. The Americans will have to search the villages looking for weapons and vietcong hold outs  and the nva needs do destroy as much of the Americans as they can for a victory at the peace table.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

For this month am working a commission, Painting up 4 dba  chou armies am adding pics so you can see how there coming, got all the infantry done starting on the chariots got the hoarse done today and will be starting on the riders.
Hay everyone letting you know this is my first blog so bear with me as I flush out the way Iam going to do my blog I will post on projects that iam working on and go over wons that I have done. I will be doing painting and modeling from differnt subjects, from fantasy to scifi to historical so i would think that there will be something for everyone.