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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hay everyone I'm doing a update, Am adding some pics of a game of blackpoweder that  Jim
Wonacott and I played. A American war of Independence using 20mm minis. There were 3 brigades of 4 regiments and 2 units of  cavalry per side. I didn't turn out well for the Americans all 3 brigades were broken and retreated off the board. I was in hoarier in one turn of firring the German Jagers fired one volley and a whole American regiment ran from the board and left my center in tor morel. And on my left the French command decided to set around and watch the Hessian's march to there flank and trade volleys and the Americans attached to the brigade trade shots with the Indians until some Prussians showed up after playing with some french cavalry. The other project I'am working on is a new warhammer 40k marine chapter the Blood Hawks my own chapter that I came up with so until later.

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